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Африканские "письма счастья"

Добавлено: 06 сен 2011, 13:06
Африканские письма докатились и до меня. Но, т.к. в интернете я большей частью под фамилией Ивакири, мне предлагают миллионы моего родственника - мистера Т.Ивакири :lol:
Надо брать? :roll:

Hello Iwakiri,

I am a lawyer to (Mr.T.Iwakiri), who left unclaimed $16.6 Million US dollars in a Finance Firm in Lome Togo Africa,before he died . The Finance Firm asked me to present a next of kin or have the fund confiscated.

Since my client died along with his family members and leaving nobody to claim the fund, I would like you to stand as the next of kin so that the Finance Firm will release the fund to you for investment partnership.

Send your reply through this Email for full details : akirinaze28@yahoo.com

Akiri Nazé.